Thursday, June 7, 2012

Loving the Beaches of Bali

Beach lovers need no specific time and date to satisfy their cravings to plunge into cold water, walk on soft beds of white sand and marvel on the vast expanse of ocean and its indefinite horizon. As long as they have the time and finances, they will fly to their chosen destination. One of the popular choices is Bali - which resorts are often thronged with luxury Bali hotels.
In Bali, there is Lovina - a town famous for its beaches. Boasting unique dark-coloured sand, shallow and relatively calm water,and a very serene atmosphere, the beaches of this area are certainly great attractions which tourists can never easily neglect.
The list of summer and swimming destinations in Lovina includes the pristine beaches of Binaria, Rambutan, Kartika, Banyualit, Anturan, Tukadmungga, Spice, Happy, Pemaron, Termukus, Adirama and Kaliasem Beaches.
The abovementioned beaches display unique characteristics but all have few undeniable things as common denominators. First, all the beaches in Lovina exude very romantic charms. The tranquil setting these beaches provide makes it a perfect place for couple getaways and dates. The sunset from the shores of these beaches are definitely breathtaking, especially when the ocean water starts glittering.
In these Lovina beaches, tourists will also be able to experience the hospitality of the Thai locals. From time to time, residents invite tourists to their houses for some small chats over a cup of tea or coffee. Through this, tourists may immerse themselves to the laidback culture of Bali.
Aside from swimming and just lazing off, tourist activities in Lovina Beaches include dolphin watching and snorkelling.
Lovina beaches are beautiful but for people who just cannot get enough of the beauty the waters of Bali gives off, a visit to the Southern Islands is nothing but necessary.
The Southern Islands is located off the southern coast of Bali. It consists of three isles portraying the calm and beauty of the whole Indonesian island and serving as ultimate escapes to anyone who badly needs a rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
The first island is called Nusa Lembongan. It is the best known and tourism-wise, it is the most developed one. There are numerous structures which cater the needs of the flocking tourists like restaurants and Bali hotels on beach. The second one is the Nusa Ceningan. It is quite known to tourists as well for its charm and magnificent beauty. It is a good island to explore; and the third island, the Nusa Penida, is more of wild and untamed. However, the natural beauty it possesses is still exceptional and is a perfect place for solitude and isolation.
One striking characteristic of the Southeastern Islands is the magnificent white sand stretching on its shores. It perfectly complements the expanse of azure water which glimmers like a field of diamonds under the heat of the mighty sun.
The islands are not just famous for swimming and strolling. Due to its beautiful underwater ecology, it is hailed as a world-class diving destination. To visit, tourists may travel by boat or by chartered helicopters.
Beach lovers are assured of great enjoyment and relaxation in Bali. As implied, many of these destinations are already commercialized so tourists need not to worry about their needs, especially lodging.
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