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Bali-Java Tourist


Four Fabulous Tourism Destinations in Bali

Bali Island, or commonly known as the island of the God, is one of the famous islands in Indonesia and also in the world. Bali Island is located in the province of Bali, Indonesia, which lies among the island of Java and Lombok island. Bali Island is a beautiful small island that is decorated by mountains and many beaches are a great attraction for all tourists.
Bali Island presents a variety of attractions both natural ambience, religious and also cultural attractions that make it becomes the main tourism object for domestic and foreign tourists. Bali has a million beauties that made everyone always wants to go back there. Between many attractions that are served on this island, there are four main attractions which are always attractive for foreign tourists and also domestic. There are Kuta beach, Sanur beach, Nusa Dua and Tanah Lot.
Bali is a major tourist destination in Indonesia, which has many tourist-rich coastal surf and sunset charm as the main attraction. One of the most popular beach is Kuta beach. Kuta beach is a tourist place located south of Denpasar, capital city of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung regency. Kuta itself has many shops, restaurants and tourism destination that you can visit. Kuta Beach sometimes called Sunset Beach as opposed to the Sanur beach.
In Kuta beach, visitors can do surfing, playing soccer, flying kites, just lying on the warm beach sand, or sight seeing of Western tourists who are watched the sun. If you are interested in hair ponytail or temporary tattoo services, it also can be found at this beach.
The second beach you can visit is Sanur beach, which is also famous as the location for surfing. Sanur Beach is famous for its wave that makes it as favorite place to surf for foreign tourists. Instead of surfing, Sanur beach is also famous for white beaches are clean and soft. In addition, Sanur beach is a rocky beach that is also known as Sunrise beach as opposed to Kuta Beach.
Furthermore there is another beach tourism attractions that become favorite tourist destination between tourists, there are Nusa Dua and Tanah Lot. Nusa Dua is a promontory located on the southern island of Bali. Nusa Dua tourism area was born out of necessity be objective quality rooms for tourists who are expected to continue to increase in number from year to year. Nusa Dua is located about 40 kilometers from Denpasar. This area consists of rocks of this limestone; there are many tourist attractions, such as Jimbaran Beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana.
After enjoying the beauty of nature in Nusa Dua, you can visit Tanah Lot, which is also believed to be sacred ground for the Hinduism. Tanah Lot is located in the village Beraban or 13 km west of Tabanan. Tanah Lot is almost always offered by every tour guide in Bali to visit. There are two temples are located on a large rock. One is located on the boulder and the other is located on the cliffs similar to Uluwatu Temple. Tanah Lot temple is a sea temple which is functioned as a place of worship to the gods who guard the sea.
Four tourist attractions above are just a few attractions that you can visit as your destination when you travel to Bali. Instead of those places above, there are still a lot of tourism destinations you can use as a place to relieve fatigue and relax with your entire family.
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Discount Bali Hotels Promises A Comfortable Stay

Indonesia is one of the popular tourist destinations of Asia and Bali Island is the most popular tourist area within the country. The beautiful Island is famous for its beaches, temples, monuments, and amusement parks. The island lies between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. The mythical island of Bali is diamond shaped which offers remarkable scenic beauty of the volcanic mountains, lakes and surrounded by the sparking coral seas. The popular tourist nation is well known for its culture, dance, art, sculpture, painting, leather and metal work and music.
Every year great number of tourists visits the beautiful island. There are various attractions which draw the tourists from across the world. Some popular attractions of Bali are Ubed Museum: here you can see the masterpieces of Balinese painting, Nusa Due: it is a popular sea resort, Batubulan: it is a remarkable sculpture art, Pura Besakih: The holiest temple of Bali, Pura Kehen: One of the largest religious complexes in Bali, Kuta: It is a popular tourist resort, Tahah Lot: One of the Bali's most important temple, Gianyar: an historical small town, in past it was the capital of Powerful kingdoms, Gunung Batur: an active volcano, and many others.
To accommodate large number of tourist Bali also offers many luxury as well as discount Bali hotels room. In the Island tourist can get any type of hotel booking from luxury hotels booking to cheap hotels booking. These hotels provide facilities according to their grading. Some popular luxury hotels in Bali are Hotel Le Meridien Nirwana Golf and Spa Resort, Hotel the Laguna Resort & Spa, Hotel Nikko Bali Resort and Spa, Hotel Conrad Bali Resort & Spa, Hotel Bagus Jati Health & Well Being Retreat.
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Loving the Beaches of Bali

Beach lovers need no specific time and date to satisfy their cravings to plunge into cold water, walk on soft beds of white sand and marvel on the vast expanse of ocean and its indefinite horizon. As long as they have the time and finances, they will fly to their chosen destination. One of the popular choices is Bali - which resorts are often thronged with luxury Bali hotels.
In Bali, there is Lovina - a town famous for its beaches. Boasting unique dark-coloured sand, shallow and relatively calm water,and a very serene atmosphere, the beaches of this area are certainly great attractions which tourists can never easily neglect.
The list of summer and swimming destinations in Lovina includes the pristine beaches of Binaria, Rambutan, Kartika, Banyualit, Anturan, Tukadmungga, Spice, Happy, Pemaron, Termukus, Adirama and Kaliasem Beaches.
The abovementioned beaches display unique characteristics but all have few undeniable things as common denominators. First, all the beaches in Lovina exude very romantic charms. The tranquil setting these beaches provide makes it a perfect place for couple getaways and dates. The sunset from the shores of these beaches are definitely breathtaking, especially when the ocean water starts glittering.
In these Lovina beaches, tourists will also be able to experience the hospitality of the Thai locals. From time to time, residents invite tourists to their houses for some small chats over a cup of tea or coffee. Through this, tourists may immerse themselves to the laidback culture of Bali.
Aside from swimming and just lazing off, tourist activities in Lovina Beaches include dolphin watching and snorkelling.
Lovina beaches are beautiful but for people who just cannot get enough of the beauty the waters of Bali gives off, a visit to the Southern Islands is nothing but necessary.
The Southern Islands is located off the southern coast of Bali. It consists of three isles portraying the calm and beauty of the whole Indonesian island and serving as ultimate escapes to anyone who badly needs a rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
The first island is called Nusa Lembongan. It is the best known and tourism-wise, it is the most developed one. There are numerous structures which cater the needs of the flocking tourists like restaurants and Bali hotels on beach. The second one is the Nusa Ceningan. It is quite known to tourists as well for its charm and magnificent beauty. It is a good island to explore; and the third island, the Nusa Penida, is more of wild and untamed. However, the natural beauty it possesses is still exceptional and is a perfect place for solitude and isolation.
One striking characteristic of the Southeastern Islands is the magnificent white sand stretching on its shores. It perfectly complements the expanse of azure water which glimmers like a field of diamonds under the heat of the mighty sun.
The islands are not just famous for swimming and strolling. Due to its beautiful underwater ecology, it is hailed as a world-class diving destination. To visit, tourists may travel by boat or by chartered helicopters.
Beach lovers are assured of great enjoyment and relaxation in Bali. As implied, many of these destinations are already commercialized so tourists need not to worry about their needs, especially lodging.
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Bali-Java Tourist

     Map of Bali Indonesian Islands |     Pictures of Bali Beach |     Pictures of Bali Island
Transeurope is a special individual tourist company with a business in 2010 worth 25 million euro (300 billion rupiah), Minister Counsellor for information, social and cultural affairs of the Indonesian embassy in Brussels Palupi S Mustajab said that here on Tuesday.
The 40,000 booklets will be distributed in Belgium, The Netherlands, and France. The launching of the booklets was attended by tourism journalists and travel agents in Belgium.
     Picture of Bali Tiger |     Island of Bali |     Animals of Bali
Charming Bali is like a menu offering tourist package meeting the wishes of tourists in making their own choice of hotels, travel routes and mode of transportation, the Transeurope Director said. The motto offered by the tour operators is “Guest with many tourist activities”.
The 52-page Charming Bali booklet offers tourist destinations in Bali, Java – Yogya, Bromo, Ijen crater, Lombok, Gili Terawangan, Rinjani, Senggigi, and South Sulawesi, Toraja and Makasar.
Memories of Bali Pictures |    Google Indonesia Indonesian Bali |     Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant
In his address Indonesian ambassador to Belgium Arif Havas Oegroseno said that the number of European tourists had been increasing, especially Belgians, to choose Asia as their destination. Therefore, efforts of promoting Indonesia as a tourist destination need to be intensified.
It was also hoped that Transeurope would use this opportunity to the maximum to market tourism in Indonesia by way of the latest booklets to consumers in Europe. The increasing number of Belgian tourists and those from other European countries is expected to foster Belgium-Indonesia relations.

Bali Tourist Map

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Enjoy A Spa On The Rock World’s Best In Bali

Enjoy A Spa On The Rock World’s Best In Bali

Spa is a treatment for the body to rid the body of impurities and relaxes tense muscles due to daily activities. At this spa is very popular among women and admired. Many women are willing to pay more Keyword :  Bali Spa,  AYANA Resort and Spa Bali,  ayana bali,  spa bali,  best spa in the [...]
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Enjoy Paradise On Bali Island

Enjoy Paradise On Bali Island

Bali is one of thousands of beautiful islands in Indonesia and lies to the east of Java and the west of Lombok. Bali is well known as “The Goddess Island” or “The Island of The Thousand Puras/Temples.” Bali is also Keyword :  bali,  bali tourism,  bali island,  indonesia tourist spots,  indonesia tourism,  bali island indonesia, [...]
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Foreign and domestic tourists flock the famous Kuta beach during the Christmas’ holiday period. The beach is one of Bali’s main tourist attractions. (JP/Zul Trio Anggono)


Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Begins

At last the much awaited Kailash Mansarovar Yatra begins with the first batch of 47 pilgrims. Uttrakhand Tourism Minister Prakash Pant announced the official beginning of this sacred yatra that is waited all year long. This will be a 30 days journey that will China via Pithoragarh.

So do not wait any longer and indulge yourself in the holy worship of Lord Shiva and get his blessings.


Skovin's Wine popular in Japan

Macedonian winery Skovin, the only winery in Macedonia that exports wine to Japan, will strengthen its position on the Japanese market. The quality of Skovin’s wine was confirmed by experts from the largest Japanese winery, Santori.
The penetration of Macedonian wines in the Japanese market is even more significant if one takes into account that the Japanese market is very picky when it comes to quality. Export to Japan is expected to increase substantially in the coming period. Last year, 500,000 litres of wine was exported to Japan.Skovin has a good quality of wines and manages the quality control well. For this reason, it has been chosen by Japanese consumers.


Macedonia presented as gateway for running Japanese businesses in Europe

Macedonia's investment opportunities have been presented for the first time before the Japanese business community in Osaka. Agriculture, food and wine production, manufacturing of car components and low income tax of 10% compared to high taxes in Japan are the most distinguished sectors, which Macedonia is known for, according to the director of the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) for Osaka, Suzuki Yatsushi.
Investment opportunities offered by the Republic of Macedonia as a gateway for running businesses in Europe were presented at the second business forum organised by a government delegation led by PM Nikola Gruevski in cooperation with JETRO before representatives of several Japanese companies from the Osaka Prefecture.
Macedonia, the JETRO director said, in recent years has improved its business procedures and now it is ranked 22nd on the Doing Business list by the World Bank, whereas Japan is 20th on the same list.
PM Gruevski in his address underlined the profound respect of the strong collective working ethics and innovative brilliance of Japan, which has helped the hard-working and intelligent nation of Japan to establish the third biggest economy in the world, the government said in a press release.
"The Republic of Macedonia in the past several years for many has become one of the most pleasant surprises and one of the most positive economic examples in Europe," Gruevski noted.
According to the press release, he said that Macedonia's achievements had been recognised by the World Bank in its Doing Business report in which Macedonia was one of the most improved economies and business destinations, while in the 2012 report it was ranked 22nd, thus being higher on the list compared to 19 out of 27 EU member countries. Macedonia's rating is seen as stable and with positive perspectives in a report recently published by the credit rating agency Fitch in circumstances when the agency has lowered the ratings of over 10 European countries - which indicates that Fitch differentiates Macedonia and its policies compared to other countries. According to Gruevski, it came as a result of the Macedonian government's commitment to improve the business climate and working conditions for both domestic and foreign companies.
"Our goal is to attain economic growth, to develop the private sector and to open new jobs. Consequently, we work very hard to enable favourable conditions for companies to make profits and to achieve double benefit - for companies' management and the living standards of Macedonian citizens," Gruevski noted.
"The government is addressing one of its most important challenges to provide educational opportunities for its citizens that are required by modern societies. Macedonia has significantly increased its funding for education, expanded the access to higher education and boosted the use of computers and Internet in public schools and universities. These measures resulted in attracting many famous foreign companies in Macedonia," the PM added.
By implementing a series of structural and institutional reforms, PM Gruevski said that growth and efficiency were being supported as well as investments leading to dynamic market economy, which on its part provided flexibility for the structural changes needed for Macedonia to succeed on international markets and to adapt towards the challenges on the road to EU accession.
Vice PM and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski also delivered an address at the business forum presenting country's macroeconomic policy, reforms realized in the tax system, cadastre and central register as well as the investment opportunities in the sector of infrastructure and energy, reads the press release.
Business presentations were also delivered by Minister for Foreign Investments, Bill Pavleski, director of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion, Visar Fida and director of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones, Viktor Mizo.
The Osaka business forum wraps up the visit of the government's delegation led by Premier Gruevski to Japan, where the PM met with Crown Prince Naruhito and his Japanese counterpart Yoshihiko Noda and other government officials. Two business forums in Tokyo and Osaka were organised during the visit as well.


Golden Triangle India Tourism - Famous Attractions of Golden Triangle Trip

The Golden Triangle Tour India

About Golden Triangle India
Golden Triangle India is one of the best tourist circuit in India, that consists three historical cities – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These three cities are known for their formidable historical past and amazing tourist attractions that include historical monuments, heritage forts, palaces, temples, gardens and many more.
Golden Triangle India tourism offers you a chance to explore these wonderful cities. So let's plan golden triangle tour to visit the mesmerizing attractions of golden triangle in India.

Qutub Minar
Location: Delhi, India
Highlight: the tallest minaret in India and and UNESCO World Heritage site as well.
Prime Attraction: Its Indo-Islamic architecture and surrounded by ancient medieval ruins and structures.

Red Fort
Location: Old Delhi, India
Highlight: UNESCO World Heritage site.
Prime Attraction: Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khas, Zenana, Nahr-i-Behisht, Moti Masjid, Hayat Bakhsh Bagh

India Gate
Location: New Delhi, India
Highlight: National monument of India.
Prime Attraction: Amar Jawan Jyoti, roaming around parks of India Gate.

Amber Fort
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Highlight: Adventurous Ride on the back of elephant till Amber fort.
Prime Attraction: Its courtyards, Jaleb chowk, Ganesh Pol, Sila Devi Temple, Palace of Man Singh I, Lion Gate, Tripolia Gate.

City Palace
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Prime Attraction: Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Pitam Niwas chowk, Diwan-i-Khas, Diwan-i-Aam, Maharani Palace, Govind Dev Ji Temple.

Taj Mahal
Location: Agra, India
Highlight: One of the seven wonders of world UNESCO World Heritage site as well.
Prime Attraction: Its amazing white marble architecture, gardens, Light and Sound Show at Taj Mahal.

Agra Fort
Location: Agra, India
Highlight: UNESCO World Heritage site.
Prime Attraction: Its decorated columns, Musamman Burj, Elephant Gate (Hathi Pol), Akbari Mahal, Jahangiri Mahal.

So don't wait more and plan your golden triangle trip to visit the amazing attractions of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur cities with Golden Triangle India Tourism.


Skiing: Slovenian Brajovic wins Shar Mountain Cup

Slovenian skier Gregor Brajovic is the winner of the 39. Sarplaninski Cup, held at Popova Sapka winter resort over the weekend.
Brajovic posted the best overall time in the slalom and giant slalom races, followed by Igor Laikert from Bosnia&Herzegovina and Dardan Dehari from Macedonia.
Brajovic was rewarded with EUR 3,000 for the win and the Cup trademark - a 'sarplaninec' dog."
My father will keep the puppy first, but I will take it to my new house once I finish it. With regards to the races, I am very satisfied from both wins", said Brajovic upon receiving the Cup.
The Sarplaninski Cup is held under the Government's auspices, whereas Slovenian ski legend Bojan Krizaj is the competition director.


Kon Tiki Sky to connect Skopje with 14 locations

Serbian airline Kon Tiki Sky, part of Travel company Kon Tiki Travel has announced beginning May 1st they will be flying out of Alexander the Great airport to 14 locations.
The first destination is Antwerp, Belgium twice weekly, while beginning June 18, Kon Tiki Sky will connect Skopje to Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Malmo and Istanbul. Three weekly flights will be scheduled to Ancona, Milan and Bologna, while four weekly flights are scheduled to Rome, Trieste, Bratislava and Dusseldorf. Basel, Switzerland will have 5 weekly flights.
The prices of the tickets will be around 50 EUR to the cities nearby and 70 to 90 EUR to the cities in northern Europe. These prices are one way.


Reconstruction of Katlanovo-Veles highway section resumes

Skopje, 12 March 2012 (MIA) - As of Monday, "Granit" construction company will continue activities to reconstruct the section of Katlanovo - Veles highway.

During the construction works in the period of 2 to 3 hours, the road will be fully closed, Auto Moto Association of Macedonia (AMSM) reports.

The construction works will be conducted every day from 7.30am to 15.30pm. sk/9:08


South Coast Tourism

 Scenery on the way down the coast Klayar

 South coast in Indonesia has its own beauty and characteristics ranging from Aceh Province to the East Nusa Tenggara, on the south coast of East Java Province, there are enough beautiful beaches one of which is contained in Pacitan That Klayar Beach, Beach Watukarung, Srau Beach, Beach Teleng Ria and much more. of the many beaches on the coast just Pacitan Ria Teleng that is easily reached by bus to travel to other beaches can only use private cars constraints that narrow road. for other regions such as the end of Yogyakarta, Solo, Wonogiri can I monitor on a day off a lot of the motor (touring).

View from the cliffs east Coast Klayar


Asia Travel Packages - The Best Way to Explore The Treasures of Asia

Want to go for an exciting, funfilled and adventurous vacation? Have you already explored India or are looking to stretch your holiday boundaries beyond India? If yes, then the whole of Asia is awaiting your arrival. There is so much to explore in the Asian continent that you will be left asking for more. There is culture, heritage, tradition, spirituality, modernity, wildlife, cruising and possibly everything you can ask for more.

The countries of Asia include China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Tibet. Whereas China and India are huge countries with a large number of attractions, other countries like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are comparatively smaller in size yet with their star attractions just in the right place. Singapore, Maldives and Malaysia are more known for the fun factor they offer on their vacation, India, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka are more known for their heritage and culture. 

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Singapore Malaysia Tour

The irresistible beauty of Singapore and Malaysia leaves every traveler wanting for more. Every year millions of travelers get attracted to the mesmerizing charm of these two top tourist destinations of the world. Whether you are a child or an adult person you will never get bore here. Spending holidays in Singapore and Malaysia is a very fantastic idea, that will surely leave you with unforgettable memories.

So immediately check out some really good Singapore Malaysia tour package and give yourself a very relaxing break from the hectic life schedule. And do not forget to buy yourself some really good souvenirs from the local markets.

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Travel Attractions Of Dubai

Dubai, this beautiful country is a perfect synonym of fun, exotic travel destinations, tasty food and great shopping experience. Every year millions of travelers get attracted to the charm of this wonderful city. The amazing travel attractions of Dubai are counted as among the most visited tourist destinations of the world. They are the best place to spend some really fun-filled holidays that one can never forget.

Golden desert, alluring beaches, architectural marvels like mosques, forts and palaces and last but not the least Dubai malls will surely leave you with some enchanting memories.

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Award for Hotel Makpetrol Struga

The yearly magazine of tourist agency "Corendon" from the Netherlands that began bringing tourists to Ohrid Lake last year unveiled the evaluations of tourists regarding the hotel capacities on the Ohrid Riviera. 

From all the hotels the tourists stayed in, they gave the best grade - 8,7 to hotel "Makpetrol" in Struga. The grades for the hotels are result of different, good and bad experiences of Dutch and Belgian guests that visited Macedonia through tour operator "Corendon" and they look like this: Ineks Gorica 7,0; Sileks 7,0; Beograd 7,0; Turist 7,2; Metropol 7,3; Diplomat 7,8; Donco 7,9 and Belvedere 8,3. 

The tourist arrangements of "Corendon" and other tour operators will offer Macedonia this year as well. It is expected for the number of Dutch and Belgian tourists, who visit Ohrid Lake in the period from May to October, to exceed last year's number of 10,000 guests.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Promotion of Macedonian wines in USA

Starting from Wednesday, products of eight Macedonian cellars will be promoted in Washington, New York and Chicago.
The campaign, organized by the National Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion in cooperation with the USAID AgBiz and IDEAS projects, will present the wines of 'Bovin', 'Dalvina', 'Dudin', 'Ezmit', 'Popova Kula', 'Stobi', 'Tikves' and 'Kamnik'.
The promotion of Macedonian wines is wrapping up in New York on June 5.
In addition, representatives of Macedonian wine producers will hold talks with US market experts, potential importers and distributors, as well as representatives of retail and specialized wine stores, the Agency said in a press release.


Solun (Thessaloniki) mayor to build a house in Krusevo

Yiannis Boutaris, the mayor of Solun is quietly moving back to his roots, in southern Macedonia.
Krusevo city council announced the Solun mayor has received green light to build a house in Krusevo, the city where his parents came from.
The house will be in a traditional Vlach style and follow the renowned Krusevo architecture, authentic to the house of his parents, reports Kanal 5.
The 30 room home will not be built at the same location in the city, the location is presently the home of the Krusevo center for retirees.
Part of the house will be turned into a museum, while the rest will be turned into a home for Yiannis Boutaris. 
Boutaris will visit Krusevo in August, where he is expected to provide all the details for his new home, reports Kanal 5.
Is Boutaris removing the mask he's worn for so long? Good to see Macedonians are coming home.


Bitola, Thessaloniki mayors sign declaration of cooperation

Thessaloniki, 24 May 2012 (MIA) - The mayors of Bitola and Thessaloniki - Vladimir Talevski and Yiannis Boutaris - signed a declaration for cooperation and joint promotion before EU funds within the INTERREG and IPA programmes with a project "Cultural Industries", MIA reported from Thessaloniki.
Taleski and Boutaris at their joint meeting held yesterday in Thessaloniki discussed cooperation in the field of culture, tourism, new technologies and education.
"Our embraces are wide open. In order to cooperate in various spheres, a special protocol with clear cooperation strategy will be prepared soon.  Despite the fact that the two countries have some political differences, the two friendly nations share a lot of ties that need to be developed," Boutaris said after the meeting.
In addition to Thessaloniki, Bitola has established cooperation with several Greek cities, including Florina, Edessa and Kastoria. Yesterday's talks were the first official meeting between mayors of Bitola and Thessaloniki.
Taleski said the cooperation between the two cities was in the interest of Macedonian and Greek citizens. "We are convinced that the absurd issue will be settled and life on both sides of the border will be much better," mayor Talevski stated.
The "Cultural Industries" project is an introduction into a wider and bigger cooperation, Taleski and Boutaris concluded.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Macedonia gets museum replica of Golden Mask discovered in Trebenista

Skopje, 26 May 2012 (MIA) - A museum replica of the Golden Mask discovered in Trebenista was handed over Saturday in Skopje to Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska by her Serbian counterpart Predrag Markovic. The Golden Mask of Trebenista is housed in the Belgrade National Museum.
"Serbia's culture minister gave me a replica of an immensely important artefact - the Golden mask of Trebenista that is housed in the National Museum in Belgrade. The museum replica of this invaluable artefact, which was unearthed in the 1930s in Macedonia, will be displayed in the new archaeological museum, which is planned to be opened in late 2012 or early 2013," Kanceska-Milevska said.
She explained that the Ministry of Culture had submitted a request to the Serbian Culture Ministry asking museum replicas of artifacts housed in the National Museum in Belgrade to be made.
The move, the minister added, is a gesture of great friendship between the people of Macedonia and Serbia.
"The golden masks are considered to be the most important artefacts unearthed in the ancient necropolis in the vicinity of Trebenista village near Ohrid. Two of the four finds are housed in the National Museum in Belgrade and the other two in the Sofia Archaeological Museum," Kanceska-Milevska stated.
Serbian minister Markovic said that the museum replica was a gift to the Macedonian people and Macedonian state.
Less than a month ago, the ministers of Macedonia and Serbia signed a culture cooperation programme for 2012-2014. ba/14:39

Saturday, May 26, 2012


TraWell (Skopje) - Android App

TraWell is an application designed to be an intelligent and touristic guide which can provide you
simple but very fun navigation in the town of Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia.
This application is easy to use and it can provide complete and organized visit through all the places in
the old town: cafes, museums, galleries, churches, mosques, monuments, traditional Turkish Hamas,
restaurants, bars.. and many more places to see in this particular traditional old part of Skopje.
Once the user starts using this application, he can get full insight of a complete and fun visit which
includes gallery of pictures, maps, description of the places and rankings and comments from other
users. But what it makes this application even more interesting to use is its features such as:
-Reality +, a location based and augmented reality service that can provide you information of places
that are in your surroundings including distance and orientation.
-E-Card, service providing creating e-post cards and their sharing online vie social networks and mailing.
The pictures taken can also be saved in a personalized gallery.
-Tour Plan, a personalized catalogue of the placed the user wants to visit including map, orientation and
agenda (with time and dates) for the chosen places to visit.
This application can also be used offline. Once you download the application the user can get full guide
with pictures, maps and description of the places.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Macedonia, Singapore initial air transport agreement

Skopje, 24 May 2012 (MIA) - Director of Macedonia's Civil Aviation Agency Dejan Mojsoski and the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Yap Ong Heng initialed Thursday in Singapore a bilateral air transport agreement and signed a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.
The open skies agreement creates a legal framework for the promotion of international air transport based on the concept of liberalisation in order passengers to be offered a wider range of services while also providing highly secured air transportation, the Civil Aviation Agency says.
The open skies agreement is in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) policy, which is promoted by the two countries.
Both directors at the meeting welcomed the favourable diplomatic relations between the countries and accentuated the importance of initializing the agreement, which is expected to bolster bilateral relations, create potentials for possible business investments, develop tourism and intercontinental connection.


Macedonian Delegation in Vatican for Ss Cyril and Methodius intercession

A service of intercession was held Thursday on the tomb of St. Cyril in the church of St. Clement in Rome. The service was also attended by a state delegation, led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.
PM Gruevski congratulated the Slavonic Enlighteners’ Day to the citizens of Macedonia from the sacred place where the remains of St. Cyril are laid to rest, media reports.
"This is a great day for Macedonia and that's why we are here in Rome on the tomb of St. Cyril to honor the enlighteners’ mission. We are pursuing the tradition established on this day. This year for the 44th time we have the chance to attend the service of intercession and together with many Macedonians living in Italy to mark the day,” Gruevski said.
The service on St. Cyril’s tomb in Rome is the main event marking the Day of Ss. Cyril and Methodius. It was organised for the first time in 1969 to observe 1.100 years since the death of Saint Cyril and it is marked annually by a state and church delegation. The Slavonic Enlighteners’ Day is a national holiday in Macedonia.
Earlier, the PM meet with Pope Benedict XVI at an audience in Vatican for talks on various issues.
"I informed him about the situation in Macedonia, its church policy, about EU and NATO and our efforts in improving the economy. We also discussed other issues that connect us, first and foremost St. Cyril and Mother Teresa," Gruevski stated.He told the Roman pontiff that in addition to the Mother Teresa Memorial House in Skopje, the clinics in the Macedonian capital would be renamed to bear her name in honor of her mission.
Gruevski also held a meeting with the State Secretary of His Holiness the Pope, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone for talks on topics of mutual interest.
The state delegation visiting Rome on the occasion of the manifestation "Macedonia in Honor of St. Cyril", includes Vice PM for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski, foreign and culture ministers, Nikola Poposki and Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska, minister without portfolio Vele Samak, the director of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion, Visar Vida and the director of the Commission for Relations between Religious Communities and Groups, Valentina Bozinovska. The church delegation is made up of Metropolitan Timotej of Debar and Kicevo, European Metropolitan Pimen and Skopje Bishop Kiro Stojanov.
FM Poposki is scheduled to meet with his Italian counterpart Giulio Terzi to discuss the outcome of the recent NATO summit in Chicago, Macedonia's EU integration process, bilateral ties and cultural cooperation.On Wednesday, Poposki met in Vatican with Dominique Mamberti, the Secretary for Relations with States in the Holy See. They upheld the favourable relations between Macedonia and the Holy See and discussed ways for further cooperation.
At a business forum in Milan on Wednesday, PM Gruevski and his economic team presented Macedonia's economic potentials before 80 representatives of Italian companies and attended a working dinner organised by the US Chamber of Commerce in Italy.
In the frameworks of the cultural program in honor of St. Cyril, the Macedonian delegation will attend the opening of an exhibition titled "Ancient Terra-Cotta Figurines from Macedonia", organised by the Museum of Macedonia at the Montemartini Museum in Rome.
Nearly 200 terra-cotta figurines dating from the pre-Roman and Roman period will be displayed at the exhibition, which runs till May 30.
The cultural program also includes a concert by opera singers Ana and Igor Durlovski, who will perform pieces by Verdi, Handel, Mozart and by several Macedonian composers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Wisata Goa di Pacitan Jawa Timur

Halaman depan Goa Gong
Tidak lengkap jika berwisata di  Kab Pacitan, Jawa Timur tidak berkunjung ke salah satu goa yaitu Goa Gong. Sebagai julukan kota seribu satu 1001 goa Kab Pacitan  memiliki obyek wisata goa yang cukup banyak namun demikian hanya 2 goa yang banyak di kunjungi yaitu goa Tabuhan dan Goa Gong karena  lataknya mudah dijangkau pengunjung........

Gerbang diatas sebelum masuk goa
Salah satu sisi bagian dalam Goa Gong

Goa Gong dengan stalagtit dan stalagmit yang konon terindah se Asia Tenggara mempunyai kedalaman kurang lebih 256 m, selain itu mempunyai 5 sendang yaitu Sendang Jampi Rogo, Sendang Panguripan, Sendang Relung Jiwo, sendang Kamulyan, dan sendang Ralung Nisto yang kono memiliki nilai magis untuk menyembuhkan penyakit. Keindahan Stalagnit dan stalagmitnya sangat memukau diabadikan dengan nama Selo Cengger Bumi, Selo Gerbang Giri, Selo Citro Cipto Agung, Selo Pakuan Bomo, Selo Adi Citro Buwono, Selo Bantaran Angin dan Selo Susuh Angin. Goa ini terletak 30 Km arah barat kotak Pacitan tepatnya desa bomo kecamatan Punung dan dapat dengan mudah dijangkau dengan segala jenis kendaraan. Fasilitas yang tersedia adalah souvenir, rumah makan, Tempat Parkir, MCK, Musholla.  bagi pengujung dari arah Jogjakarta dan Surakarta (Solo) untuk ke Goa Gong sebelum sampai di kota Pacitan tepatnya di Kecamatan Punung  ke arah Selatan.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Ohrid-Living History exhibition opens at Chelsea Town Hall

An exhibition, dedicated to the natural beauties and cultural heritage of Ohrid region, was opened late Monday at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London.
The exhibition, that will be opened for public by May 28, displays about 60 photos, pearls, folk dresses and copies of artefacts, originating from the Ohrid region. The photos, works of art of Petar Boev, Dimce Korunovski, Angel Sitnoski and Aleksandar Kovacevski, are part of a collection of the Ohrid municipality.
The event is organized by PRO ART & Co in Association with Mag Culture and Experience and the City of Ohrid. The opening ceremony was attended by many local citizens, friends of Macedonia, as well as Macedonian nationals that live and work in London.
In addition to the exhibition, Chelsea's main street 'Kings Road' is decorated with posters of Ohrid, presenting the city as a 'Living History' - one of the most beautiful towns in Macedonia, settled by the Ohrid Lake. It boasts with rich cultural history and unique natural world. Inhabited in early times, the town once had 365 churches - one for each day in the year - a large number of them are still preserved. Within them, they protect an immeasurable treasure of frescoes, icons, woodcarving and other sacred objects.
Promoting the exhibition, organizers say that every summer Ohrid hosts the internationally renowned Ohrid Summer Festival and other important cultural events. Many artists, from around the world, have chosen Ohrid as their open-air atelier and regard the town and its surroundings as an endless inspiration.It was also a place where St Clement, a student of the famous Byzantine brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius, revised their Glagolitic Alphabet and simplified letters thus created a new Cyrillic Alphabet, which most of the Eastern European Slavs use even today. Ohrid is the soul of Macedonia and the UNESCO’s World Heritage site.
The exhibition will be also presented in Endiburgh - Scotland, Lithuania and Romania.


Stavreski: Construction of Corridor 10 section to revive economy

Construction of Corridor 10 highway section Demir Kapija-Smokvica will begin this summer, which along with other measures, is to help the economy's revival and increase of investments, said Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski on Tuesday.
"The Budget review has secured funds for capital investments in the amount of Denar 21,5 billion (EUR 350 million), which are at the disposal of ministries and companies in Macedonia for capital investments. This is a large amount, which I expect would be properly used, and alongside the EUR 100 million provided by the European Investment Bank by the end of June, should help in the achievement of a positive growth rate", Minister Stavreski told reporters after today's session of the Financial Stability Committee.
He stressed the Government should continue to stimulate investment policies, adding that Macedonia, being a country with low budget deficit, should use the room for increase of investments, thus stimulating growth.According to the FinMin, these are the beast measures that a government of a relatively small country could implement.
"If this year's capital investments amount to Denar 21,5 billion, up by 20 percent compared to 2011, along with EUR 100 million for SMEs loans, project Demir Kapija-Smokvica, as well as series of other infrastructure projects, I believe this is the best way to help the Macedonian industry and construction sector", underlined Stavreski.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Kuratica welcomed the Dutch tourist with national dished and rakija

Second year in a row, the Kuratica local have welcomed the Dutch tourists, who stay in Ohrid - with national dishes and home made brandy - rakija.
During their one-day visit to the Kuratica village (Ohrid municipality), the Dutch tourists had the opportunity to see the local beauties, to enjoy the visit to the Mazatar mountain, with a donkey safari.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Looked Beautiful Beach

One of the beaches are beautiful enough for relaxing family beach holiday is precisely in the District watukarung Pringkuku, Pacitan in East Java. This beach can only be visited by a motor or a private car after arriving at the fish auction we westward to get into the white sand beach by way of settlement houses. with a white sand beach with the ocean floor look, the beach is also used to surf in a given month if the tide is low can hunt fish ....

Residents were fishing

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Pacitan Kota Goa

Pacitan terletak di barat daya Jawa Timur yang dikelilingi pegunungan seribu dan merupakan salah satu bagian dari pegunungan kars Dunia, Pacitan juga memilik obyek wisata yang cukup menarik yaitu Goa,Pantai,Pemandian Air Hangat. Pacitan berdekatan dengan Kab. Wonogiri, Ponorogo,Trenggalek, untuk wisatawan dari arah Jogjakarta bisa melewati Wonosari, Pracimantoro, Giribelah ketimur dengan jalan menanjak bagi pengemudi yang belung mengetahui medan harap hati-hati.kemudian bisa langsung ke Goa Tabuhan tepatnya Desa Wareng Kec. Punung.yaitu goa  musik traditional dengan alat musik dari batu yang ada didalamnya. dari goa Tabuhan bisa langsung ke selatan menuju Goa Gong tepatnya di Desa Bomo Kec Punung.kemudia bisa langsung ke Pantai Klayar tepatnya di Desa Sendang, Kec. Donorojo untuk menuju pantai klayar harus hati hati untuk bus belum bisa ke pantai klayar karena medan. dan masih banyak tempat wisata lainya. sekilas rute wisata Kab Pacitan bagian Barat di Kec. Punung dan Donorojo.

Pintu masuk goa gong di Desa Bomo, Kec Punung, Kabupaten Pacitan Jawa Timur ( Pacitan East Java)..


Meeting of Macedonian, Qatari tour-operators

A meeting between Qatari and Macedonian tour-operators, travel agencies and hotels will be held in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, aimed at enhancing bilateral tourism cooperation. The meeting will include presentations of the largest travel agencies and tour-operators in Qatar, as well as Macedonia's tourism opportunities.


Research of Macedonian brands' emotional value

Ranking of Macedonian brands according to their emotional value is the aim of the research within project "Brands4ever", carried out for the first time in Macedonia.

"The brand's value should be presented in public, leading to increase of awareness and improvement of its image and perception among consumers", said "Brands4ever" project manager Ana Kjovkarova at Tuesday's press conference.
According to her, the research project emerges at the Macedonian market in a time when domestic brands focus exclusively on the financial aspect, neglecting the power of their emotional value.

Project "Brands4ever" has acquired support from the Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Macedonia, saying it would be beneficial for SMEs.
The research of the companies' emotional value should produce a numerical value for each brand in Macedonia.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Peninggalan Sejarah

Istana Ratu Boko merupakan peninggalan sejarah terletak di kabupaten Sleman tepatnya  selatan Candi Prambanan, bagi wisatawan yang berkunjung ke Candi Prambana ada transportasi antar jemput ke istana Ratu Boko. sebelum masuk ke istana berjalan kaki kurang lebih 500 m kemudian sampai pada gerbang masuk seperti di gambar. 

Salah satu bangunan yang ada di dalam istana ratu boko

Kolam pemandian di istana Ratu Boko


Dutch Tourists Arriving in Ohrid

The first group of 120 tourists from the Netherlands using arrangements of tour-operator "Arke Travel -TUI", arrived in Ohrid on Friday.
A formal event was held at Ohrid-based airport "St. Paul the Apostle", with Economy Minister Valon Saraqini and Netherlands Ambassador to Macedonia Marriet Schuurman greeting the Dutch tourists.
Minister Saraqini wished the guests a warm welcome, saying they should acquaint with Macedonia as much as possible during their stay and convey their impressions to friends at home.
Saraqini told reporters efforts would be implemented this year towards increasing the number of foreign tourists in Macedonia.
"Besides lowering the VAT for tourism services, we have adopted a new rulebook on categorization of capacities, which would significantly improve services offered by hotels. Another measure for attraction of tourists is the subsidizing of low-cost airlines with EUR 4,9 million allocated for the next three years", said the Economy Minister.
According to expectations, nine flights carrying foreign tourists are to land at the Ohrid airport every week.
"Taking into account information we have from tour-operators, we expect about 700 tourists per day from the Benelux countries only. Over 14,000 tourists are expected from the Netherlands this year", emphasized Saraqini while thanking the Dutch Embassy for successful promotion of Macedonia as an attractive tourism destination.
Ambassador Schuurman recalled that such charter flights brought 22,000 Dutch guests to Macedonia last year.
"We are convinced that more tourists will come from the Netherlands this year. I know that Dutch tourists like Macedonia very much, which has been confirmed by the fact that many who came last year are planning to spend their holidays here again this summer", underlined Schuurman.

Warm welcome for ArkeFly and tourists from The Netherlands

The first group of tourists from The Netherlands arrived at Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport, marking the beginning of the tourist season. The guests were welcomed by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, HE Marriet Schuurman, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Valon Saraqini and the General Manager of TAV Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Krstevski. The welcoming ceremony was organised by TAV Macedonia and the local TUI operator. According to the Macedonian tradition, the guests were offered bread and salt, but also cake and champagne.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Macedonia, Northern Cyprus to bolster cooperation in tourism

Macedonia and Northern Cyprus are taking steps for bolstering the bilateral cooperation in the sphere of tourism. To that effect the two countries have already signed a memo of cooperation, which inter alia, includes organization of charter flights for seven-day packages for Macedonian tourists to visit Northern Cyprus and vice versa.
"We have held talks with the Northern Cyprus Minister of Culture, Environment and Tourism, Unel Ustun, which resulted in signing a memo of cooperation in the sphere of tourism," Economy Minister Valon Saraqini told reporters Wednesday in Skopje at sidelines of "Basic Factors for Receptive Tourism Development", organized by the Macedonian Chamber of Tourism.
Macedonia's Government and Ministry of Economy has already launched numerous activities to promote the country as an attractive tourist destination, Saraqini said.
"Our friend (Turkish actor and Honorary Consul to Northern Cyprus) Necati Sasmaz, who is paying a second visit to Macedonia, has been also promoting Macedonia as a hospitable, friendly and warm country for all tourists," Saraqini said.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


14.000 Dutch tourists to visit Macedonia this year

The first group of Dutch tourists will arrive to Ohrid on April 27, Economy Minister Valon Saraqini told reporters on Tuesday.
About 14.000 tourists only from the Netherlands are expected to visit Macedonia this year. Contacts have been also established with tour operators from Israel, Finland and countries form the region, he said.
"We wish for Macedonia to become an attractive tourist destination and have been working hard to that effect. A month ago we have promoted the new national strategy on rural tourism development," Saraqini said after opening the Skopje Travel Market 2012 fair.
The tourism, as fast-growing sector that creates new jobs, will also contribute substantially to the budget foreign currency inflow, he said.


International Tourism Fair opens

Travel agencies and hotel managers from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey will present their latest and most attractive arrangements at the International Tourism Fair in Skopje from Tuesday till Saturday.
Turkey and Greece are still one of the most popular destinations, while Northern Cyprus is the latest offer.
"Tourism, as a segment of economic development of a country, is a bridge between nations that we have to build to establish direct link between cultures and traditions. It lifts all obstacles, borders and visas," Economy Minister Valon Saraqini said opening the tourism fair.
Macedonia, he added, is increasingly promoted as an attractive tourist destination and is heightening its cooperation in the sphere with all other countries in the region.
"The objective is the Balkan region to be transformed into a global  destination that will welcome tourists over and over again every season. Similarities and differences are our trump card, an additional motivation to pay a visit and to enjoy in their natural and spiritual heritage," the minister stated.
He underlined that government's policies were yielding excellent results - the number of tourists has been increased by 25% in the first two months of 2012.
"The best results in the field of tourism in the past decade have been achieved in 2011 and 2012. The total number of tourists is increased by 10.5%, while accommodations rose by 7.6%. There is also an increase in the number of guests from abroad. Higher indicators are expected in 2012 provided that there is a growth in the overall turnover of tourism," Saraqini said.
The fair is visited by guests from the region, EU countries and representatives of top global manifestations and organisations.
"Guests from the region are verifying our common goal, which is strengthened regional cooperation in all economic aspects to provide sustainable development and high living standards. Guests from EU countries, on the other hand, prove that we are on our chosen path to EU membership," the minister noted.
Bulgaria is a partner country at the International Tourism Fair, which is going to present its famous tourist destinations.
Speaking at the event, Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, Ivo Marinov said that Macedonia was an important tourist partner of Bulgaria.


Skopje hosts conference - Basic factors for receptive tourism development

Macedonia square in Skopje.

Economy Minister Valjon Saracini Wednesday will open conference on topic "Basic factors for receptive tourism development" which will be held in Skopje.
The Turkish actor Necati Sasmaz, who starred in the popular television series "Valley of the Wolves" as Polat Alemdar, will be a special guest at the 2nd International Tourism Fair.
Economic Chamber for Tourism of Macedonia organises the conference.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Macedonian companies presented at Stockholm International Bazaar

Macedonian companies have been presented at the traditional 'International Bazaar' in Stockholm, organised by the Macedonian Embassy in Sweden.
More than 2.000 visitors visited Macedonian stand where wide-range of products from "Vipro", "Vitalia" and "Lars" companies were presented. They donated some of their products for this humanitarian event and funds are intended for international project "Save the children Sweden," MIA correspondent reports from Gothenburg.
Vice President of the Swedish Parliament Susanne Eberstein, FM Carl Bildt and his wife MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt and President of the Council of the City of Stockholm Margareta Bjork visited Macedonian display. They expressed satisfaction from possibility to buy and to taste Macedonian food products in Sweden.
Macedonian Ambassador to Sweden Kire Ilioski thanked for the continuous Swedish support to Macedonia on political and economic plan. He emphasised that the country will continue with intensified activities for European integration and invited MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt to visit the Republic of Macedonia.


NATO grant for reconstruction of Corridor 10 bridges

A NATO grant of EUR 8.6 million will be used for the reconstruction of 13 bridges at road section Katlanovo-Veles, resulting from the memorandum of understanding over the project for overhaul of bridges along Corridor 10, which Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and KFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier-General Rex Spitler signed on Wednesday.
The reconstruction represents the third stage of the project, whereas the Faculty of Civil Engineering is set to develop the draft-plan in the coming three months.
Minister Janakieski said a public call for construction companies is to be announced by September, whereas the contractor should be selected by December.
"Works should start next spring and finish by the end of 2014", added Janakieski.
The two previous stages of the project, worth EUR 22,5 million, encompassed the reconstruction of 51 bridges at road sections Katlanovo-Veles, Skopje-Blace and Demir Kapija-Gevgelija

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Macedonian Railways, German consortium Wiebe&Alpine sign agreement on renewal of tracks – part of Corridor X

Skopje, 10 April 2012 (MIA) - Macedonian Public Enterprise for Rail Infrastructure (PERI) and German Consortium 'Wiebe & Alpine' signed Tuesday in Skopje an agreement on revitalization of two tracks along the Corridor X railways line, namely Tabanovce-Karpos-Kumanovo and Miravci-Smokvica sections.
The project covers an upgrading of a total of 25 km-long tracks and will be realized under the sovereign EUR 6,9million-loan of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
The EBRD is supporting further modernisation of the country's transport infrastructure with a total of EUR17.6 million-loan to finance track renewal along the Corridor X railways line in Macedonia. This will take the form of the replacement of wooden with concrete sleepers and the supply of new rails where, applicable, along approximately 50 km of track.
The loan also covers the renewal of the 30km Negotno-Nogaevci track, which wraps up the Corridor X renewal, PERI General Director Irfan Asani said at a press conference.
Corridor X is the main north-south route in Macedonia, providing a connection to Serbia and onwards to Europe in the north, and to Greece in the south. Modernisation of the rail network is one of the country's priorities, given its importance for the promotion of local industry and international trade. lk/15:53