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Bali-Java Tourist

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Transeurope is a special individual tourist company with a business in 2010 worth 25 million euro (300 billion rupiah), Minister Counsellor for information, social and cultural affairs of the Indonesian embassy in Brussels Palupi S Mustajab said that here on Tuesday.
The 40,000 booklets will be distributed in Belgium, The Netherlands, and France. The launching of the booklets was attended by tourism journalists and travel agents in Belgium.
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Charming Bali is like a menu offering tourist package meeting the wishes of tourists in making their own choice of hotels, travel routes and mode of transportation, the Transeurope Director said. The motto offered by the tour operators is “Guest with many tourist activities”.
The 52-page Charming Bali booklet offers tourist destinations in Bali, Java – Yogya, Bromo, Ijen crater, Lombok, Gili Terawangan, Rinjani, Senggigi, and South Sulawesi, Toraja and Makasar.
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In his address Indonesian ambassador to Belgium Arif Havas Oegroseno said that the number of European tourists had been increasing, especially Belgians, to choose Asia as their destination. Therefore, efforts of promoting Indonesia as a tourist destination need to be intensified.
It was also hoped that Transeurope would use this opportunity to the maximum to market tourism in Indonesia by way of the latest booklets to consumers in Europe. The increasing number of Belgian tourists and those from other European countries is expected to foster Belgium-Indonesia relations.

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